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Lumizap IPL

Lumizap IPL

💫 Long lasting compared to shaving.
💰 Saves money by reducing shaving supplies
⏰ Faster, efficient solution for larger areas.
🌸 Skin-friendly, even in sensitive areas.

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The epilator is a highly effective hair removal device using intense pulsed light technology for reduced hair growth and smooth skin, offering a painless alternative to traditional methods.

This home hair removal device offers salon-level strength with a hygienic design. It's cost-effective and delivers precise, professional results on all body parts.

Say goodbye to salon visits and enjoy long-lasting, flawless skin with this portable and efficient epilator.

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Included in the package

1 laser hair removal device
1 pair of protective glasses
1 disposable razor
1 power adapter
1 USB cable
1 user manual
1 storage box

How to use

Adjust the intensity according to individual hair removal needs. With 5-speed settings, it's easy to treat all parts of the body, suitable for various hair types and skin tones. You can adjust the speed according to different body areas, making it convenient for multiple body parts.

● The higher the gear, the more energy is delivered, resulting in thorough hair removal. When starting to use the device, it is recommended to begin at level 1 and gradually increase until you find the suitable level for your skin tone.

● Levels 1-2 are recommended for sensitive areas such as lips, underarms, and intimate areas.

● Levels 3-4 are suitable for hands and legs.

● Level 5 is recommended for coarse and thick hair. By using this device at home, you can save a significant amount of money and time.

How to use:

  1. Cleanse and dry the area you wish to treat.
  2. Select the appropriate intensity level based on your hair and skin type.
  3. Place the device at a 90-degree angle against your skin and ensure full contact.
  4. Press the flash button to emit the light pulse, and move the device slowly along the treatment area.
  5. Avoid overlapping or treating the same area multiple times to prevent skin irritation.
  6. After the session, apply a soothing lotion or gel to moisturize the skin.
  7. Use regularly according to the recommended treatment schedule for optimal results.

Experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of at-home hair removal with this device, saving both money and time while achieving smooth, hair-free skin.


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